Friday, February 12, 2010

Utter irrelevance of my opinion & belief

I remember when we were studying in primary school in our small remote village, we few friends were favorite students of the Head Master. We used to do his household personal work also. That time we friends were thinking and murmuring that at present time this is the only school on the Earth and what we are learning here is the highest and the most perfected teaching.

I always loved & still love my school as most important institution of my life, where I have learned how to learn. I owe much to our school and to our loving & caring Head Master.

Now when I look back and recollect all these, I can feel and understand, without a bit of thinking, that under those situations, and the maturity level possible at our age then, such thinking & belief was natural and pardonable. So, then, why one shall take today's thinking & beliefs to be factual ? Rather, why one shall have beliefs at all ? Just asking myself, Is it possible to keep it open & flowing moment-to-moment ?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Like “3 IDIOTS”, “AVATAR” also characterizes the charisma of the Essence (the child-like basic intelligence of being a human. One is said to be in his/her Essence when one acts moment-to-moment from the perception of his entire being – mind, heart, impulse, unconscious, all taken together – disregarding the ordinary mean thinking) dominating over Personality (the culmination of grown-up smart intellect learned from the prevailing mass of current human thinking).

Can one see the strangeness of human mind admiring, rather worshiping the Avatar’s sex act with Pandora girl making him exclusively one with her forever…….But in real life what one does? Not even does, what one advocates?