Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Efforts that really matter

As we all know and as we all have experienced, the energy of different qualities and of different fineness works inside us at different times. For example, at certain times a slight provocation or a minor difficulty evokes much negativity or indignation or self-pity inside us, not only that, it instantly menifest in our behavior and attitude. But at certain other times we are relatively poised and calm and certain level of difficulties or not-so-good behavior of others don’t evoke much negativity in us, and if it evokes then also we are able to control its manifestations in our behavior and attitude.  And at certain exceptional moments, though very rarely, we are so calm and collected that nothing of outside can disturb us from inside.

The first situation occurs at the time when our ego (false personality or the false self-image) is dominantly active within us, which is the crudest and lowest energy, the energy of ‘World96’, and that brings us under the law of accident. At such times whatever effort we make in terms of doing something, would be useless, rather, counterproductive because whatever we do will be from, and colored by, that crudest energy, and so it cannot produce any good results. At such moments, if luckily we become aware of it, the most important and useful thing would be not to do anything, that is, not to allow that crude energy to menifest in ‘action’. Only "effort' that is appropriate at such moments is to tell oneself, "Don't do anything, just be".

The above second situation occurs at the time when the energy of practical thinking and the energy that is responsible for being a good householder, the energy of ‘World48’ is active within us, and that brings us under the positive aspect of the law of karma, the law of cause & effect. At such moments, we can intentionally make efforts to create right causes (if we know it) that can produce desired results over time. All the efforts of gaining right knowledge, of career building etc, come under this category. At such moments, it will be very useful to tell oneself, "Do something really useful".

The above third situation, if occur at all with ordinary human beings like us, occurs very rarely. During those moments the higher energy of ‘World24 and World12’ is active within us. It is moments of the state of deep Essence coupled with higher consciousness (the third state). It is a divine and inspired moment, a moment that imbibes higher influences and higher impressions. The only thing that is appropriate at such moments is to 'let that be', and not to allow oneself to do anything that is self-centered. Such state has inherent power of producing right and ‘effort-less’ efforts on its own, if we let it be and don’t interfere with it by doing something mean.

- 14/08/2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

Some thoughts on education system

The stubborn compartmentalized beliefs (orthodoxy) in any matter in any walk of life, or the depression or the violence etc, is basically the result of the fact that human being is not given the authentic commonsense knowledge of the inner working of the human organism, in terms of how it is made up holistically, how its different parts work, how its different parts are connected, what is its potential.

The orientation towards its knowledge should begin from the schooling itself (or at least should begin in adolescence - so that it can enter the Essence) as one of the basic subjects and progressively continue till graduation, like we study mathematics or any other subject step by step.

- 13/08/2018