Monday, August 6, 2018

Some thoughts on Imran Khan, on likely being elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan

Since my very young age, when Imran Khan was playing as a fast bowler and then as Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team, I liked his fighting spirit and his ability to hold on till the end, against all odds, and never giving up, and at the same time taking the defeat, if it comes, in his stride and also taking a learning from that defeat.

It seems, he is more focused on his own sincere efforts, rather than on sitting and thinking too much about odds of the situation. At the same time, it seems, he is playful and enjoys himself and his life to the core, to the fullest. These two aspects makes him touch his deeper self, his Essence, or rather, the fact that somehow he being in touch with his inner depth more often makes him a playful person and gives him a kind of wide range of thinking, a kind of thinking in perspective, and also gives him an ability to follow his that inner vision as an undercurrent, in spite of all odds and criticism (in fact, he would not take criticism and his own failure too seriously!). So, as a human being he has a certain depth and has much potential.  

(Essence means one's deeper self, reflected in the depth of being and playfulness, both together. However, one’s deepest self, the Atman is different and is much deeper than one’s Essence).

The Time has flowered many powerful or successful and some great people in the history of humanity. If we closely observe their lives, we can see that all persons who have attained a height, beyond a certain limit, in any walk of life, has its roots in the depth of their core-being and it is likely that they have operated from there, at least in the initial phase till they attained that height. But, to sustain the touch with that inner depth, with the nobility and humility after achieving that height of success, and not succumbing to, or not developing, self-centered mean ego throughout is the real test. This test separates a great person from a mere successful (or powerful) person. And this test is a life-long test! So, let us see, what the Time has in store. 

- 28/07/2018