Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Unnecessary Brooding

Today, when I just casually called up my client, he told me about his reservation for the report that I earlier submitted in connection with a certain event happened in his company, and he told me that he has asked for another professional's written opinion about the legal interpretation involved in the matter.

Initially, there occurred inner chattering in my mind about the talk, and about its consequences, and so on.

Then, I realized that this is just a mechanical stimulus reaction of my mind, and told myself, "I need not believe this unnecessary brooding about the matter, let it come". As such I am confident about the interpretation of legal point involved in that matter.

Further, I told myself that that professional may have another interpretation on the matter. But, so what? All professionals have right to opine, and the opinions of two professionals on the same matter may differ, and each professional have right to act on his own best judgment.

One should never panic about any matter so far as the action is according to one's own conscience. Just don't believe unnecessary inner brooding occurring in the mind about any such matter and relax, whatever may happen, it would be good. 

(Occurred yesterday, on 13th November, 2017 and wrote last night)

Monday, November 13, 2017


Beauty has a quality of creating vividness in the eyes of beholder, be it in the form of written words, painting, dance, or a perception. It can be created out of inner vividness only. One need to expose oneself to such beauty as often as possible to feel real liveliness.