Saturday, May 25, 2019

Time, Time Dilation, Cessation of Time, and its relation with Space

What we perceive as time is nothing but the passage of frames of space (in front of us) through our perception. Let us try to understand this by an example. When we see a movie (movie is but a passage of frames at a rate of 24 frames per second), it seem live, as happening in time, but, if we see still frames of that movie one by one separately, they appear as static pictures (as frames of space). In the same way, what we see as live passage of time is in fact the passage of frames of space at a particular rate through our perception.

As the rate of passages of frames of space becomes faster and faster, the clock time slows down (Time dilation), and when the passages of frames of space approaches the speed of light, the clock time of that order ceases to exist, as like in the solid matter the atoms are in fact moving so fast that they appear solid and unmoving matter to us. Infinite curvature of Space-Time upon the formation of a Black Hole is the same phenomenon on a higher order, wherein the passages of frames of space has became  so fast that the clock time of that order has ceased to exist.

If we can somehow make the speed of our inner perception exceedingly high, we can experience the slowing down and cessation of psychological time of our order, as if it has been stilled and has entered altogether different dimension. (When one is able to observe in that very moment the inner occurrence of an extreme negative emotion or an extremely powerful sex drive, and one is able, voluntarily, not to succumb to it, it is an example of an exceedingly high speed of inner perception, about which we are talking here). Exactly this happens in the moment of higher consciousness – in that moment one enters the attention (Chitt) so wholly that one’s perception acquires such a speed that it becomes still and alive, and the psychological time of that order ceases to exist for him. However, there are various orders of space and various orders of time.

 - 13/05/2019