Saturday, February 27, 2010

Place of verse in my life

I wonder, in my life what's the place of verse?
It does place my bosom beyond the purse,
From where it becomes possible to see
Many a motive, playing their part in me;

And from that beauty, when I listen to words,
It unfolds the feeling that sound affords;
And, helps me learn how to conceive and wait
But of that sweet soft pain, what could be writ!

I, even in a furious or pensive mood,
If sit to write, my Muse uses it as food
And, from that, cool vividness does create;
With this bright ink her pen grafts my fate.

Who could gift such a wondrous wealth to me?
Ah! It’s hugging hand of my darling, thee!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Truth liberates

I was just asking myself, What the phrase "Truth liberates" practically means for me? Have I ever knowingly or unknowingly experienced such moments of liberation so far? If yes, then, what I mean by Liberation? Obviously by Liberation I do not mean “Moksha or Nirwana” in traditional sense. For me Liberation means a moment of beautiful state of Being when there is clear absence of inner chatter, emotional turmoil propelled by inner compulsions, or uneasiness of guts, and there is clear perception of facts without any condemnation or attachment, and so unbiased, uncompelled decisiveness & action becomes possible on its own. We all have experienced such few beautiful scattered moments in life.

What sets in this process of liberation? It says, Truth Liberates. What we mean by truth here? When one sees in the moment bare fact, leaving aside one’s likes-dislikes, opinion or the immediate beneficiality of the thing in question, a strange feeling of beauty, peace, freedom & here-now-ness comes into being. This is a moment of freedom, liberation. However, it has different degrees & scales. So, by seeing the fact as fact, truth comes into being for one in the moment.

It moves, proceeds moment to moment so it can never be static. Now one experiences such moment of freedom but in the next moment if the inner verbal process of opinion forming begins, or like-dislike or fearful uneasiness of guts comes into picture, one loses it and again one is in ordinary state of Being. So, the question is, is it possible to increase the frequency of such beautiful moments, and when it really occurs, is it possible to prolong it?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fall & Spring

The woods in the fall stands in silent toil,
Reminiscing the bliss of lovely spring,
Not moaning, nor groaning, but as a foil
For the bright blue sky, unstained and unending.

Does, thriving on quiet strength of belief
That to pass this with patience is a payment
And from which it's useless to seek relief,
It gently waits for the flowering moment?

But my naive heart toils to evade the fall,
And yet, doubles its duration and depth
By damning it as a dejecting call
And not seeing silent sufferance’s worth;

Rise of this muse gilded the dark sky of gloom.
Upon this golden foil, gloom turned into bloom!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Many a time, thy gleam has filled my heart
And made its sweet wealth of love alive,
But thy way is so simple like Nature's Art
That it's not easy to see what on it thrive!

So, the cloud of doubt about thy divinity
Oft darkens the space of my inner-sky;
Very real looks then that dark elusive lie,
Affording life to all my pains and enmity.

One dawn, quietly my Being did resound,
"Let not this darkening doubt disturb me now"
And ah ! That dark itself became the ground
Wherefrom to fly in the space where livest thou.

Lo, how simple but tricky it could be
To overstep the shadow and be in thee!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Will - the function of Awakened Intelligence

When one attains the Chitta-Vriti-Nirodha state, that is, when the scattered Chitta-Vritis (the content of diffused attention) collects together, and becomes aware of itself and the object of observation both simultaneously; then because of this two-pointed awareness, it becomes unattached (non-identified) towards the outside objects – this outside objects may be something that exists outside the body, or it may be a thought, emotion, sensation, or moving impulse. This is the Sakshibhava; or the third state of consciousness; or Mandukya Upanishad’s Vishva, the first Pada (quarter) of Brahm.

When, in the prolonged moments of third state of consciousness, the Intelligence realizes that it is not really bound to take decisions according to the chaos of the internal fight between four lower centers; it awakens and becomes aware of its powers to take decisions, and of the fact that the Mind (four lower centers) follows its decision without any resistance, provided it was taken independent of that chaos – this marks the emergence of the will. Such will issues down from the above; down towards heart from the forehead (not from the brain but from the third-eye), this is not a metaphor but an actual material fact, which can be experienced.

This also marks the cessation of wrong work of the four lower centers and the misuse of sex energy by them; and this causes the Mind to become quite and one pointed (that is, the four lower center become unified).

Thus all the three forces are upgraded to next level of evolution (world 12): will, the function of awakened Intelligence, is Rajasa-12 (1st force); the silenced and unified Mind is Tamasa-12 (2nd force); and Chitta-Vriti-Nirodha state, the third state of consciousness is Sattva-12 (3rd force). Putting in other words we can say that Awakened Intelligence is Carbon-12, the Unified Mind is Oxygen-12, the third state of consciousness is Nitrogen-12; and the purified Ego or Soul - which include in itself all the three - is Hydrogen-12 (Father, mother, and son: carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. The family is hydrogen). The beginning of a new family is the son; therefore, first of all one should make efforts to attain the third state of consciousness; then this 3rd force will help the Intelligence (1st force) to awaken, and to control the Mind, the four lower centers, (2nd force). This whole activity is the domain of fully developed Higher Emotional Center.

The nature has given man the sex energy, which is of the level of world-12, say C-12, as it is Rajasic, the creative energy. But four lower centers fight among themselves to consume this energy - ordinary intellect (verbal thought process) misuses it in uncontrolled inner chattering & wishful fantacy, emotional center misuses it in feeling and expressing anger, hate, dejection and other such negative emotions, and moving & instinctive center misuses it in excessive and vehement sensual indulgences & violent physical activity. When this wrong work of lower centers and misuse of sex energy is stopped, it becomes available for creative work and/or for transmutation. When it is transmuted by non-expression and transformation of negative emotions, or by right kind of Brahmacharya, it is converted into emanations, and this marks the birth of the Astral body (world-12) within the physical body- the real rebirth in this life itself (becoming dwiz).