Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What a beauty!

From the close observation of His daily routine, from His morning rituals, discourse and even His each and every minor activity - walking, looking at someone, folding hands, etc. - one can distinctly and clearly feel (not only in one's heart but also in one's deepest soul) that this person is totally 'there' while doing each and every activity.

One just cannot escape a clear feeling that He is a testimony of what it means to be totally present in the moment, a testimony of what it means to have Niruddh-ChittVriti (utmost pure and whole ChittVriti), as if He is not of this world (not slightly attached with anything whatsoever, completely separate from everything). Without closely observing such pure beings it is not possible for an ordinary human mind to visualize the extent of inner purity and presence possible for a human being, and it works as a verified trust that "Yes, this is possible". What a beauty!

- 04/09/2018

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